🎸SALE🎸 $.99 My Lucky Days

🎸SALE🎸 $.99 My Lucky Days

My Lucky Days Guitar Couple

“Fans of beautiful, slow-burning romances, SWOONY heroes, and second chance love stories, try this!” – Aestas Book Blog

“The words of this book are straight poetry. It reads like the most beautiful love song you’ve ever heard.” – Biblio Belles Book Blog

My Lucky Days
He was an up-and-coming country singer.
She was the last girl you’d see in a bar.
But one night, under those neon lights,
Lucky and Katie found each other.

Beginnings are always exciting.
Always fun. Always hopeful.

Katie was in her last year of college.
Lucky was still playing local stages.
She fell for his voice.
She fell for his words.
They fell in love.
It was beautiful.

But time changed their world.
She was alone. He was on the road.
Life happened.
And that love was torn apart.

Endings are always painful.
Always heart wrenching.
But not always final.

One day, Lucky came back to Katie.
And this is their story.

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NaNoWriMo and The Mason List

NaNoWriMo and The Mason List

What is NaNoWriMo and how it can get you started writing. I answered these questions for a publication recently and thought I would share. http://nanowrimo.org/

1. Which year’s NaNoWriMo produced the beginnings of The Mason List?
I started writing The Mason List in November 2011. I had always wanted to write a novel and had talked about it for many years, but I had never set down and worked on anything. When a friend told me about NaNoWriMo, I decided it was the kick in the pants I needed to get started.

2. Had you done NaNoWriMo before? And did you participate in any other years, after that crucial one?
Not before The Mason List in 2011. But I did a little bit later in 2015. I knew I wouldn’t finish. But I needed some motivation to get going on a third book. So I entered, knowing I wouldn’t finish. And it did help. I wrote some content quickly. So technically, the beginning parts of My Lucky Days was created in NaNoWriMo 2015.

3. When you embarked on the NaNoWriMo that led to The Mason List, did you have the plot already worked out in your head, or did it come together during the month of writing?
No plot. Actually, I had a different concept idea and switched about 48 hrs before starting NaNo. And with The Mason List, all I knew – it was going to be about two kids growing up to adults living on a ranch. I wanted the story to have the true “saga” aspect where the story actually had chapters where they were kids and then as adults.

4. What was the toughest part about NaNoWriMo for you? And the best part?
I edit as I go. (Didn’t realize that either until I started). So it was hard to write and move forward. But that is the good thing about NaNo. It forces you to move forward. And for a first time book, I think that is very important. People often get bogged down on chapter one and can’t move forward.

5. How much editing did you do after that first draft of The Mason List produced during NaNoWriMo?
I’m laughing reading this. So the NaNoWriMo draft of 50K words is not even close to what went to publication. I call that my 50K word outline. I worked on the story for 2 years afterwards. My first “final” was 140K words. And then after beta readers, I went back and did a painstaking word cut down to 118K words, which is the published length. I started the story in November 2011 and it was published in January 2015.

6. What’s the number one piece of advice you’d give first-time NaNoWriMo participants?
If you have always dreamed of writing something, give it a shot. You don’t have to show your NaNo draft to anyone. I didn’t. Not a single person ever read that one. But it helped me move forward. After I had at least something down, I wanted to make it better. I wanted to keep going. NaNo may not have created the published copy of The Mason List, but it was the catalyst that made it happen.

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The Mason List: Preorder Links

The Mason List: Preorder Links

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Amazon Ebook: http://tinyurl.com/TheMasonListKindle
Amazon Print: http://tinyurl.com/TheMasonListAmazonPrint
Barnes&Noble Ebook: http://tinyurl.com/TheMasonListB-N
iBooks: Coming Soon
Kobo: http://tinyurl.com/TheMasonList-Kobo
Smashwords: http://tinyurl.com/TheMasonList-Smashwords


From the Red Chair…

From the Red Chair…

This post comes live from where I do my best writing. Everyone needs a writing cave. Unfortunately, mine is a red chair parked in Panera with an endless supply of espresso.

Since The Mason List went to the editor, I often get these questions. Are you going to write another book? Have you started writing another book?

The process of writing my first novel was a learning experience. I used the platform from NANO (National Novel Writing Month) for the first draft. I went into NANO with the following concepts.

A love story of a boy and girl who live on a ranch. The girl is poor and lives on the charity of this rich family. Instead of being the typical story, make the poor girl hate the rich family.

That was all I knew when I started NANO which may surprise those who beta read it.  Everything spiraled into The Mason List as I logged into NANO each day to hit my 1700 words per day. I wrote from the cuff. It was intense but it pushed me to put words on paper in abstract fashion. I didn’t think about elaborating. I just moved forward through idea after idea. The concepts came out of thin air with little depth to each scene. This gave an initial shape to the story.

When I reached the 50,000 word mark at the end of the month, I saw a lump of clay which had the resemblance of a story. I spent the next two years shaping that lump into what is currently being edited for release. I learned the hard way on what worked for me and what didn’t in the writing process.

So the answer to the question is yes. I am writing a second novel. It’s called Red Dirt Claws. I have taken a different approach with the second book. I have written excerpts out of order. Spur of the moment at times. Some very light scenes and some very deep. Most of it consists of dialogue between characters. With each exchange, I get a little better grasp on the characters. I get to know the characters as they get to know each other. I know. Sounds like a strange concept but it seems to work. I hope this approach cuts out on the many rewrites I did for The Mason List.

After collecting all my sporadic writing over the last few months, I have an approximate 26,000 words rough draft. I plan for this novel to be much, much shorter than The Mason List. I’m aiming for 80,000. The Mason List is what I call the epic love story that is also New Adult/Young Adult. Red Dirt Claws is more the classic New Adult story. Moving forward, I would like Red Dirt Claws to be ready for the editing process when The Mason List goes live to the world in a few months.  Here’s to hoping and not holding me to this time line.

That’s the writing update coming live from the red chair.

Writing Song of the Day: Band of Horses – Detlef Schrempf (Acoustic Live from the Ryman)