The Mason List: Let the Final Edits Begin

The Mason List: Let the Final Edits Begin

Yes, that’s right.  My wonderful editor Anna has sent her final edits.  No more passive verbs!  Aka my nasty little habit.  This is also a transition for me since I have been writing away on my second novel, Red Dirt Claws.  Emma hat off.  Alex hat on.  In other words, a drastic channel change from comedy to drama.

In Red Dirt Claws, I’m leaving Emma standing in her yellow bikini in front of Wyatt flirting her way right to his heart.  –Channel Change — To The Mason List where Alex begins her story with a mental breakdown in the opening scene.

Here’s what’s left in the process of getting The Mason List published.  The final edit is the next step.  I basically have two copies of the book right now.  One copy from my editor with all the grammatical, spelling and sentence structure clean-ups.  I have another copy that I have edited with story line and scene clean-ups.  I will be taking my final copy and merging pieces into the editor’s final copy.

For me, this is the most tedious part of writing a novel.  Line by line.  Word by word comparison of the two copies.  This story is approximately 137,000 words which is roughly 550 novel pages.  In Microsoft Word, my copy is 461 pages.

The picture below shows the side-by-side comparison.  The story begins at 8:15 pm.  Yes, that means what you think it means for my friends who know of my LOST obsession.  I slipped that little bread crumb into The Mason List.

I do most of my writing in Microsoft Word.  I also use WriteWay Pro.  The program is really good with organizing chapters and exporting out in manuscript form.  I spent the final six months of writing The Mason List in WriteWay Pro.  As each chapter comes to a close, I will be feeding the pieces back into that program.

Once I get a better grasp on the final pass through the novel, I should be able to schedule a release date.  I am very excited to introduce the world to The Mason List!Mason List Edits

From the Red Chair: Characters

From the Red Chair: Characters

Characters make or break a story.  Larger than life.  Leaping off the pages.  Spinning around causing chaos.  Crashing into each other.

When I create characters, I keep an ongoing list of quirks, ticks, likes, dislikes and even a few pictures.  I use these items to create back stories.  It’s between the pieces of those items that I often find the real story that unfolds for the book.

I never intended The Mason List to spiral into the story that emerged when I clicked The End.  The back story of Alex took hold and transpired into the end game.  Her quirks and issues squashed everything.  It’s something that happened when I approached every scene with: how would this person with this back story react in such a situation.

With Red Dirt Claws, Wyatt and Emma are just starting to take shape.  I’m compiling those quirks and pictures to get a grasp on how they would react in the setting of the mystery surrounding Wyatt.  So live from the red chair…..characters.

Writing Song of the Day: Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You into the Dark


The Mason List Cover Reveal

The Mason List Cover Reveal

Thank you for visiting my website.  Today is the first public broadcasted push to the world.  Take a look around and I also invite you to follow SD Hendrickson on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram!  Stay informed on the upcoming fall release of The Mason List.

And now for the official cover reveal of The Mason List!

The Mason List New Cover1