The Mason List – The First Month

The Mason List – The First Month

It’s been exactly one month since The Mason List went live. One month ago to day, I was scared to death. I was soliciting bloggers, which made me super scared to death. I honestly didn’t know how people would react to the story. I didn’t even know if people would actually read the story.

The Mason List had been part of my life for three years. THREE YEARS! A story that I had read more times than I even wanted to imagine. A story that I had even read outloud more times than I wanted to imagine.

So I finally pushed it out there in the world. AND – I could not believe the response.

I have received so many wonderful emails and messages from readers. And not just one liners. But paragraphs from people who just want to share in the excitement of the story and let me know how The Mason List touched their lives. You felt something for these characters. You felt something for their story. You felt something and that made ME FEEL like those three years were not in vain. I can not thank you enough.

And the Bloggers! They have been so kind and generous and wonderful!! They actually read the book. They actually wrote reviews. And they fell in love with the story too.  Thank you!

I have enjoyed interacting with each and every one of you. As for what is next? I am not exactly sure. I am writing another story. I have also signed with Kimberly Brower at Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency.

So here’s to the rest of 2015!


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