On The Rack: The Thornbirds

On The Rack: The Thornbirds

The Thornbirds by Colleen McCullough

Flashback Friday from the Vault….

The Thornbirds CoverThe Thornbirds crosses into many genres. However, the book is by far my favorite “epic” novel. The term “epic” means several different things when it comes to romantic fiction. For me, “epic” involves the journey of the main character through many years and often decades; the beautiful and tragic, and the love and heartache that encompasses their lives.

This epic story, set in the beautiful Australian Outback, follows Meggie Cleary from the age of four until her children are grown.  The third person point of view includes Meggie and often switches to those around her and then eventually on to that of her daughter Justine and son Dane.

The novel was quite controversial when it first hit the book stores. A love story that crosses so many different forbidden elements with the age gap of Meggie and Ralph all the way to his religious affiliation.   Yes, that’s right. Ralph de Briccassart is a Catholic priest. Their story is one of many complex levels that twists right into your gut leaving the notion that epic love is epic pain. Hence, the thornbird.

Reason for being on the Rack:

I have owned the paperback of this novel since high school. Publication date is 1977, the same year that I was born. This copy has made approximately seven moves. In all these years, I have read the book at least ten or more times. The back cover is gone and the final page is almost torn in half. This book is either well read or I store my books in terrible places. Maybe a little of both.

Why do I love The Thornbirds?

The Thornbirds InsideI think the poetic quote at the beginning sums it up very nicely. It’s the meaning behind the title. The meaning behind the “epic” story. In some ways, The Thornbirds is my Anna Karenina.

The Thornbirds is available on Amazon in the friendly Kindle format that includes the back page unlike my well used copy.

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