The Mason List: Behind the Scenes and Counting Stars

The Mason List: Behind the Scenes and Counting Stars

Last night, I watched One Republic LIVE with the awesome vocal range of Ryan Tedder.  The show brought me right back to one of my favorite songs by the band: Counting Stars. I’ve listened to that song on repeat hundreds of times. In fact, I listened over and over again while writing a certain beach scene in The Mason List. The main characters find themselves on Spring Break….Padre Island, Texas… Outdoor Concert.  A certain Oklahoma band is playing but the name is never mentioned. The band and the song is …..Counting Stars by One Republic. Granted, the whole band doesn’t have Tulsa roots but just roll with it.

As for book news….I am very close to a release date for The Mason List .…until then….turn it up loud!

Counting Stars by One Republic

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