On the Rack: Ugly Love

On the Rack: Ugly Love

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover might very well be replacing my love of Nicholas Sparks. That’s a very hard statement to make considering my long standing commitment to the guy. I have read almost all of Hoover’s books. I read Slammed in the first couple of months when it was first self-published. I found it by accident in the Kindle store and thought it seemed intriguing. I loved Slammed. Even more, I loved the story of the writer who came out of nowhere and started dominating the book lists. She is an inspiration to what can be accomplished in the self-publishing world. I honestly planned to list Slammed on The Book Rack as the first Colleen Hoover entry since it was my second self-published novel I ever downloaded.

Then I read Ugly Love.

Troubled and damaged people walk through our lives every day. They pass by everyone while hiding the pain they feel. They do this in order to survive until it becomes a way of life. The new normal. The new them.

Ugly Love is a modern day love story at its best. The sad Miles masquerading through life fooling everyone around him. He’s good at it until he meets Tate. Thus the Ugly Love begins with a person who fights to get through the façade.  With broken people, the ugly comes out with spikes and edges and glass ripping at anything that gets too close.  So the question remains for Tate.  How much are you willing to endure to stay close to the person who seems to need you the most?

This one brought me to tears so I can’t give the plane travel stamp of approval. However, this is a must read for all Colleen Hoover fans and dare I say it, for all Nicholas Sparks fans too! Find Ugly Love on Amazon here.

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