The Mason List Sneak Peak: Nobody Puts Ouiser in the Corner

The Mason List Sneak Peak: Nobody Puts Ouiser in the Corner

“The next day held a cloud over my heart like a sad scene from Steel Magnolias.  The small television broadcasted the only VHS tape I could find on short notice.  Rochellas had electronic equipment straight out of 1985.  I despised that movie as much as Ouiser if she was tied to a chair and forced to watch it on repeat.  I needed blood and guts.  A nice Saw movie would serve a better purpose but that might scare the little brats into coming over to my seat.  Covering my face with a large set of sunglasses, I blocked out the chaos in front of me and prayed for this damn headache to go away.  But I knew it would stay lodged right where it belonged after what I did last night to Jess. ” – Alex, The Mason List

Not the spiciest of quotes from The Mason List.  However, Steel Magnolias ran on repeat yesterday and it reminded me of the line from the book.  I personally adore the movie.  Alex Tanner; not so much.

It also reminded me of the fun concept of characters.  The ladies of Natchitoches, Louisiana jumped from the screen as larger than life except for the fact they were real people.  Based on a true story, Robert Harling captured the colorful lives of his family and hometown in memory of his sister.  Check out the full story here. 

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